About Mylanders

"A waystation for travelers, a place to rest your soul..."
Hello! One of the things that irresistibly draws me into the wonders of a place that I would like to call home, is a cozy little Inn called Mylanders. Not that the Inn itself is that wonderous. Oh no, nothing like the shining Palaces on the edge of the Bezladian mountain tops, or the fortunes gained from Morzain's Well, or the mysterious voices of the Singers in Moon Valley. Nothing like watching the giant Blue Jumper whales from a hundered feet up on the secluded clearing of Watch Point. I could go on and on, but it is Mylanders where I can stop and rest, catch the latest news and relate my travels. It's a place of stories, of friendship, of heartache and all other things that come with a place of that nature. With its stone fireplace, wooden timbers, good food, comfortable chairs, and wonderful people, it's a place I like to visit often..

At Mylanders you will find four message boards, a chat area, the library and the journal among other things. The main message board (The Inn) is where everyone plans their adventures, gets the latest news or just relaxes after adventuring. Once inside the you can goto the Writers Den where people discuss writing and books and share stories. When your finished inside you can go adventuring with everyone else Outside the inn or here Meanwhile...If your interested in some of the people who frequent the Inn, you can goto Who's who in Mylanders.
Mylanders Chat is the real-time chat area. The Library is a collection of stories, poetry, and songs that have been told in the Inn. And the Journal is a continuing story where you decide how the story ends(or doesn't end). If you want to visit with others out of character you can join the Inn-Talk Mailing List. Looking for a good book and want to one? Check out the Book Review.

Mylanders the mud is just getting started. If you want info on the mud goto the Mud info page.

You are outside the Inn, you can go on in, (NOTE: You will need to email [email protected] for a username and password to access the message boards) or you can read the sign that says - Other places to visit.

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